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Northern Licences

  • Adjacent to several quartz vein systems containing historic gold workings that make up the Albert Goldfield, where records indicate an average historical gold grade of 20-25g/t Au;
  • Has been subject to limited exploration or drilling with historical gold production of approximately >60,000ozs. The historical mining in the area was limited due to a lack of water for processing ore;
  • Located at the northern end of a gold mineralisation controlling, hydrothermally altered fracture system which is visible in gravity and magnetic images, and
  • Has excellent potential for new discoveries using the latest technology and knowledge of the geological setting to drive our exploration strategy

Key Northern Target Areas

  • The key focus will be on dilational sites at bends, kinks and intersections along the gold mineralised fault system
  • In the northern leases, the 15km zone from New Bendigo to The Kink is the highest priority target

>30m wide fault associated gold system
Recent and historic drill holes into this zone returned:
1m @ 34.3g/t from 57m
1m @ 27g/t from 11m
17m @ 6.6g/t from 13m
6m @ 9.4g/t from 13m; and
2m @ 20g/t from 36m

Magnetic image of northern licences

New Bendigo to The Kink

  • A passive seismic survey has confirmed that parts of the favourable structure from New Bendigo to the Kink has more than 10m of cover, masking potential mineralisation from previous explorers
  • As this type of gold deposit is typically more weathered than the surrounding country rock the best deposits are expected to be under cover sediment
  • The deepest weathering is seen at a change of strike – the Jerakeen Prospect – possibly due to strong alteration that has promoted preferential weathering
  • The change of strike corresponds to a Cobham Kink parallel break, a cross cutting, interpreted, gold mineralisation controlling fracture direction
  • The key targets and most of the prospective strike extent are covered, requiring drilling to effectively test

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