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Southern Licenses

  • Covers the southern extension including where the mineralised fracture converges with the Koonenberry Fault and accompanying stratigraphy;
  • Has very limited effective, previous exploration, and is adjacent to a newly discovered nugget and specimen stone field;
  • With the use of passive seismic and soil geochemistry the Company intends to identify and define drilling targets

Key Southern Target Areas

  • The New Bendigo fault south of The Kink Prospect continues to Awati’s southern tenements and emerges at North Koonenbery from under cover sediments
  • Here the Koonenberry Fault & magnetic stratigraphy diverge from the controlling fracture
  • This is a highly prospective target under manageable thickness of cover sediment
  • Infill and definition soil geochemistry with geological mapping to define drill targets
  • Passive seismic to assist with regolith and depth of cover sediment interpretations
  • Drill testing after soil geochemistry and geophysical surveys

Gravity images are shown above.
Geoscience Australia and the Geological Survey of NSW compile useful data.

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